Lucy is a recipe developer and blogger who specializes in baking and slow cooking. She is a busy working mother. On her website, she shares the recipes she has created for a variety of slow cooker family dishes that are enjoyed at home, as well as plenty of delicious desserts. Her focus is on convenient slow cooker dishes suitable for families, and she loves to cook, bake, and use her slow cookers to create dishes that her family will enjoy.

Baking cakes and desserts in the slow cooker is one of Lucy's particular interests and a focus of her blog. She has been slow cooking for over ten years and has a wealth of tips and knowledge on how to best use your slow cooker to achieve the best results. One of her favorite things to do is to push the boundaries of what can be cooked in a slow cooker. On her blog, readers will find many recipes for slow cooker meals and cakes, as well as plenty of regular baking options.