My Cookie Journey

Barbara is a passionate cookie enthusiast, has always dream of creating delicious and visually appealing cookies. However, the demands of life often made it difficult to pursue this passion. It was a moment of urgency, with her daughter in need of treats for her class, that Barbara resorted to slicing and baking pre-made cookie dough. This marked the beginning of her cookie-making journey.

Over the course of 35 years, Barbara's circumstances changed, allowing her more time to explore and develop her skills in cookie baking. She now shares her knowledge and insights on creating the most delectable cookies through her blog. While she may be an amateur photographer, Barbara takes pride in capturing enticing images of her cookies.

Having retired from her 20-year career in Information Technology, Barbara now has the time and expertise to focus on her blog. She finds joy in sharing tips, tools, and techniques to assist aspiring bakers in achieving great results with their cookies. While she may not specialize in cookie decoration, Barbara greatly admires the work of skilled decorators. With her newfound freedom, Barbara aims to publish a new cookie recipe on her blog every week or every other week, inviting readers to discover her latest creations.