Maryann Jacobsen

Maryann is a registered dietitian who specializes in providing customized nutrition advice based on developmental stages. She believes in providing information that is tailored to the individual’s age and stage, rather than giving one-size-fits-all advice. To receive her newsletters, subscribers can choose between family and midlife-focused options.

Maryann is passionate about conducting extensive research to provide valuable insights to her clients. She has developed her own unique formula for finding answers and understands the importance of understanding where an individual is developmentally to optimize their nutrition.

In addition, Maryann’s expertise is not limited to just children, as she also understands the unique nutritional needs of adults. She delves into related subjects such as human development and emotional health, as these also impact one’s diet. Her blog and podcast feature interviews with experts she meets along her research journey, providing readers and listeners with valuable insights into nutrition and related subjects.