Explore and Thrive

Franci introduces herself as a broken person, saved by Jesus, who is grateful for this gift. She welcomes readers to her corner of the internet where they will find unique weekly posts with original photos focused on people, books, food, faith, and travel. The word 'perfect' is not a common term in her posts. She is a listener by nature and desires to create an authentic and helpful community for everyday life. Franci shares openly and encourages her readers to do the same in the comment section.

Franci has many ideas and experiences to share, but never from an "I know it all" standpoint. She is a learner and loves finding new things to improve her life. Meeting new people and learning about them brings her great joy. Her family values new experiences in their city and in new destinations over outfitting themselves with the latest brands. Time spent around the table with friends and family, feasting on delicious food, is cherished more than anything money can buy.

In addition, Franci believes that the things we experience are valuable and help shape us. She enjoys taking new risks, trying new recipes, and embracing new styles. Franci desires to explore and thrive in both the big adventures of life and the plain quiet moments of the everyday. She invites readers to join her in this journey and believes that this post is a good place to start for those who are just getting started on her blog.