This Mom's Confessions

Janine is a certified professional teacher who has now become a wife and mother. Currently, she works from home, taking care of her two little girls who are full of energy. Despite the craziness and hectic schedule, Janine always manages to keep things in perspective, ensuring that every day is filled with happiness and magic. She is a caring and loving woman who strives to maintain peace and happiness in her home, even in the face of minimal meltdowns.

Janine is a master negotiator, not only with her husband and kids but also with her extended family. She is a teacher and home educator to her two little ones, taking on the responsibility of ensuring that they receive an education, even when they don't feel like learning.

Despite constant whining and a lack of appreciation from her family, Janine remains a caretaker, life coach, medic, personal assistant, and operator of a crisis management hotline. She motivates and encourages her family to do their personal best and make good choices. Janine is also a lecturer, even though her audience is small and unappreciative.