Beth is the writer of Life As Mam, a blog dedicated to sharing her experiences as a Welsh mother of three children. She is partnered with Chris, who also has a son, making them a family of six. The blog started in 2013 and has since grown from a hobby to a job that Beth enjoys immensely.

Throughout the blog, Beth writes about various aspects of family life, including her experiences with Obstetric Cholestasis (ICP) during all three pregnancies, being a single parent and a teenage parent, breastfeeding, and more. In addition to documenting her family's milestones and adventures, Beth also shares her love for photography and home posts. Readers can expect to find a variety of posts about the family's life in North Wales and their favorite places to visit. With a focus on documenting memories and sharing her experiences, Beth invites readers to join her on her journey through life as a mum.