Lisa G Cooks

This blog is dedicated to sharing recipes that are indulgent in flavor but not in their impact on your waistline. Lisa believes in maximizing the satisfaction you get from your meals while minimizing unnecessary fat, allowing you to enjoy more food without compromising your health.

The inspiration behind this blog comes from Lisa's sister and, more specifically, her niece whom she lovingly refers to as ""chicken."" While Lisa's sister possesses great intelligence, cooking has never come naturally to her. Lisa decided to put her recipes on paper.

The blog aims to not only showcase what to cook but also how to cook, just as Lisa did for her sister. She shares her strategies for food shopping, stocking the pantry, fridge, and freezer, along with valuable health and nutrition tips. Lisa's cooking style revolves around simplicity and health, using readily available fresh ingredients from any grocery store.

When it comes to Lisa's recipe writing, she doesn't always follow strict measurements unless precision is crucial for baking or liquid quantities. Instead, she refers to vegetable measurements as small, medium, or large, understanding that breaking out all the measuring cups for a salad is impractical and unnecessary. Her goal is to share her cooking approach and what works best for her, providing solace and control in the kitchen because cooking should never be stressful. Similarly, she loosely mentions salt and pepper amounts, acknowledging that personal preferences vary. Lisa encourages seasoning along the way as ingredients are added and adjusting the seasoning to taste at the end.

Lisa eagerly awaits your responses and hopes that you enjoy her recipes. Lastly, Lisa shares her life philosophy: dance every day in this site because there's always a reason to celebrate and find joy in life.