Gluten Free Alchemist

This is a blog created by Kate, an award-winning gluten-free recipe creator, traveler, and blogger. Alongside her husband and Coeliac daughter, Kate embraces a gluten-free lifestyle without limitations, finding joy in discovering new ingredients and flavors. The blog began as a way to understand and navigate the world of gluten-free cooking, but it has evolved into a platform for sharing enthusiasm for great gluten-free food and living confidently without gluten. Kate's aim is to show that being Coeliac doesn't have to restrict one's enjoyment of food, and she provides recipes, travel experiences, and tips to inspire others in their gluten-free journey.

In addition, Kate also covers topics such as gluten-free travel, parenting a Coeliac child, and managing gluten-free diets in various social situations. Kate shares her gluten-free finds, including delicious gluten-free products and gluten-free-friendly eateries, with the hope of supporting and inspiring others. Through the Gluten Free Alchemist blog and social media channels, Kate aims to help people love gluten-free life again and embrace a positively Coeliac and adventurously gluten-free approach.

Overall, Gluten Free Alchemist is a resourceful blog that offers a wealth of information, recipes, and experiences related to living a gluten-free lifestyle. Kate's passion for gluten-free cooking and her determination to create delicious meals without limitations shines through, making the blog a valuable source for those seeking gluten-free inspiration and support.