Made with Happy is a creative lifestyle blog that offers readers a variety of family-friendly topics such as easy crafts, DIY projects, printable, and food and drink recipes. The author of the blog, Alli is a mom of two and a color-obsessed creative who has a passion for adding a little bit of happiness to the world.

Alli transitioned from being a corporate marketing analyst to a full-time blogger and has been creating content for over ten years. Made with Happy features a range of craft projects for both kids and adults, as well as entertaining ideas and all kinds of travel adventures. The blog's clean and modern design makes it easy to navigate, and Alli's relatable and personable writing style creates an engaging reading experience. Although the blog was previously named Diapers-n-Heels, it changed its name to Made with HAPPY in 2014, while continuing to offer readers content that is fun, creative, and happy.