Bake With Sara is a blog that was created out of a newfound interest during quarantine. The owner of the blog, Sara, has combined her two hobbies of writing and baking to start this project. With a mission to share her passion for baking, Sara invites readers to browse through her site, learn about her experiences, and explore everything that excites them. The blog focuses on discussing anything and everything related to baking, making it a one-stop destination for baking enthusiasts.

Apart from providing valuable insights and knowledge about baking, Bake With Sara also offers cakes, cupcakes, and other baked goods in Delhi. Sara's interest in baking extends beyond just the creative aspect; she is also passionate about food science. To challenge herself and learn more about baking, she decided to bake every day for one year. Through her blog, Sara hopes to inspire others to take up baking, learn new techniques, and experiment with different flavors to create delicious treats.