Andie is a passionate crafter who has a love affair with felt. Felt is a versatile medium that is beginner-friendly and boasts a wide selection of colors. Through her crafting journey, Andie realized the need for certain products that were unavailable in the market, so she took the matter into her own hands and invented, found, or made them. This led to the creation of American Felt and Craft, an online store that sells all things felt and related. With over 160 colors of felt to choose from, the store has been growing steadily since 2009.

In addition to the store, American Felt and Craft has a blog where Andie connects with other fellow crafters and shares their creations. She takes pride in sharing her passion, patterns, and research with her followers and encourages them to reach out to her with any questions or to show her their own creations. Andie is eager to hear from her followers and always looking for ways to enhance the crafting community.