Gina, the talented author, busy mother of two girls, and dedicated recipe developer behind the renowned blog, With a strong belief in the power of seasonal, whole foods and mindful portion control, Gina's culinary creations showcase a delightful fusion of health and flavor.

The inception of Skinnytaste dates back to 2008, when Gina embarked on a mission to transform her cherished recipes into healthier versions without compromising on taste. What began as a personal endeavor soon blossomed into a labor of love, captivating a wide audience with its irresistible dishes.

In this blog Gina shares a treasure trove of nourishing recipes that retain all the scrumptiousness of their full-fat counterparts. These culinary masterpieces have been thoroughly vetted by Gina's toughest critics her friends and family who enjoy these delectable creations on a daily basis.

Hailing from Long Island, Gina currently resides there with her husband and children. Her food philosophy revolves around embracing seasonal, clean, and whole foods, while practicing mindful portion control.