Every Little Crumb

Meet Farah, a passionate food lover and recipe developer who turned her love for food into a full-time pursuit. Although she is trained as a dietitian, her true passion lies in exploring and creating delicious recipes. From a young age, Farah's fascination with ingredients led her to beg her parents to take her to the supermarket. Her love for food runs deep, and her kitchen has become her sanctuary.

With a diverse background as a Palestinian American living in Bahrain, Farah shares a wide range of recipes on her blog. She excels in Middle Eastern cuisine, but her sweet tooth and fondness for classic American breakfast and baked goods are evident in her creations. Every recipe she shares with her readers has been carefully tested and selected, with the belief that each dish should be so good that every last crumb is savored.

Farah's toughest critics are her two children, Layla and Fahad. Layla, at just four years old, has already become an expert in the kitchen, learning to crack eggs, whisk, and fold alongside her mother. Farah's husband is her partner in crime in the kitchen, making him a co-blogger of sorts. As a family of foodies, they consider themselves fortunate to call the beautiful and sunny Bahrain their home.