This is a food blog created by Allison, a recipe developer with a passion for real food that honors the gut and microbiome. Her goal is to offer fresh and healthy recipes that are delicious while also nourishing the gut. Allison's mission is to inspire her readers to use that jar of sauerkraut that has been hidden in the depths of their fridge. She believes that the microbes that we carry inside us are like family and we need to take care of them.

Allison's passion for the gut microbiome stems from her personal journey to find health again. After trying various diets, supplements, and functional medicine tests, she realized that what made her feel the healthiest was reconnecting with her own gut microbiota. She became obsessed with fermenting and culturing fresh, seasonal foods and fell in love with flavors such as kimchi and kombucha.

While home fermentation requires time and patience, there are many great cultured products available in the produce department of local grocery stores. Allison believes that a food philosophy that involves eating lots of plants, everything else in moderation, and avoiding the same things over and over again can make our microbes healthy and happy.

Allison also believes that a balance of healthy food and traditional homemade desserts can be truly healthy for both body and soul. She tries to keep things as fresh, whole, and healthy as possible while also indulging in homemade cookies or other treats from time to time. Overall, Allison's food philosophy is to nourish our bodies and honor our microbiomes by eating fresh and delicious food.