Muna is a multi-talented individual who serves as the writer, editor, cook, food photographer, and videographer at Munaty Cooking. The establishment of Munaty Cooking in 2012 marked the beginning of her journey in the culinary world, which she initiated by capturing pictures with a trusty Sony point-and-shoot camera. Muna owes her cooking skills to her mother, with whom she enjoyed spending time in the kitchen, although her company was even more valuable to her. Despite not attending culinary school, Muna pursued a different career path as a banker and financial analyst.

However, as her passion for cooking continued to flourish, she transitioned into becoming a full-time food blogger. She credits her education and knowledge for the multitude of opportunities she received, which led her to study food photography with natural light at Food Photography School and with artificial light at Artificial Academy. Muna's eagerness to learn more about food videography led her to enroll in the Food Video School.

Furthermore, Muna is constantly learning and cherishing every moment of her culinary journey. She shares her love for cooking with her audience through her blog, which offers recipes from all around the world, enabling her readers to explore and discover new, delightful dishes for their dinner tables.

Muna concentrates on simplifying recipes that people usually make at home or order from restaurants. She strives to teach her readers how to cook better than takeout. Muna's recipes are straightforward, and in some cases, she provides guidance on substitutions to accommodate individual needs. It is worth noting that Muna refrains from posting recipes that include alcohol, pork, and shrimp on her blog.