At Bhuiyan Biz, we follow certain policies in order to server our user and visitors.


Collection of Information: Even though I personally do not collect any information from this site, however the system/third party tools used on this site does. I am using Google Analytics & Feedburner on this site to gather information regarding traffic sources, location, bounce rate etc. which may collect your IP address, Geo-Location and other relevant information and it is not harmful in anyway or form.

RSS Feed: If you have subscribed my RSS Feed, you may occasionally receive emails from “Feedburner” with the latest updates of my site. It is an automated system and it’s intention was to keep you updated through emails, NO SPAMS. If you are one of my client and registered on this site, I may collect some personal information like your name, email address, contact number etc. to provide better and personalized services.

Disclosure of Personal Information: I reserve the right to access and/or disclose personally identifying information and non-personal information as required by courts or administrative agencies within the United States.


I follow "zero tolerance" policy in terms of making hateful, racial, swearing comments. Comments that may potentially hurt a large number of people's ideology, emotions are not welcome and I urge you to be polite and respectful to each other while making comments on this site. Also please avoid spamming comment section with unnecessary and self promoting links. I may not be held responsible personally for someone else's comment.

Change of Policy

I reserve the right to change any policy mentioned on this page at any given time without any prior notification. So, feel free to visit this page every now and then. Thank you.